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20% OFF 6 Pack Minx Foaming Brow Henna Shampoo 30ml
Minx Brows

20% OFF 6 Pack Minx Foaming Brow Henna Shampoo 30ml

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Designed specifically for use both BEFORE and AFTER Brow Henna procedures, this fluffy brow wash feels like a CLOUD and gently (+ ultra efficiently!) cleans the brow area, leaving your client with brows that are clean, fresh and fancy AF. 

  • 6 Bottles Per Pack
  • 30ml Per Bottle
  • ☁️ Light, Gentle Formula
  • 🌸 VEGAN
  • 🐰 Cruelty free
  • ✨ Enriched w/vitamins
  • 🍇 And Skin Calming Essentials 

USE BEFORE: Use this PH balanced wash BEFORE Brow Henna procedures to remove makeup, excess oils and exfoliate away dead skin cells. Clean skin means optimal color transfer and this shampoo is an integral part of a successful procedure. 

USE AFTER: This multifunction shampoo helps to remove stubborn brow paste and dry henna after the procedure and can be used as a finishing wash. 

USE TO LIGHTEN: If your color professed too dark, send your client home with a bottle of this wash (it’s perfectly portioned and priced for individual use). The next morning, after a warm shower, the client can GENTLY shampoo their brows 2x which will help to lighten the color. Problem solved and crisis averted. 🙌🏼