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CRYSTAL Lip Practice Skins w/Teeth - Bundle Pack
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CRYSTAL Lip Practice Skins w/Teeth - Bundle Pack

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Introducing the MOST realistic CRYSTAL LIP PRACTICE SKIN

Now available in CRYSTAL CLEAR!

These genius crystal clear lip practice skins are completely see-through, and as such, they are designed to help you practice and perfect your angle, depth & overall technique.

It’s the absolute perfect practice skin for new artists, academies and trainers because it allows you to see implantation of pigment under the skin.

We're not exaggerating when we say this is literally the most realistic lip practice skin you'll ever use! This unique and EXCLUSIVE practice skin moves and feels like the real thing! Both top and bottom lips are soft, pliable and sitting over 'teeth', which allows you to practice your stretch, technique, angle and depth via the most realistic experience


  • Crystal Color (transparent).
  • Pliable and soft for training & practice.
  • A great add-on for training courses, student kits or retailing within your academy.