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EOS Foot Switch - PINK
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EOS Foot Switch - PINK

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The Eos foot switch by Hyperion is the perfect choice for the studio.

The Eos foot switch is unique and superior because it has been designed with an RCA connection jack. This allows the artists to easily remove the RCA power cord for quick storage and proper cleaning. The RCA connection also allows the artist to quickly replace the RCA power cord should the cord get damaged or possibly develop an electrical short. 

It features a durable power coated Pink finishing ring with a round black actuating disk and has a full, non-skid base pad. This pedal can be operated from any angle with moderate pressure with either your foot or your hand


  • Pink Finish
  • Non-skid base pad
  • RCA Power Cord (NOT INCLUDED)
  • Works from any direction
  • Size: 1.25" Tall x 4" Diameter