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FLUX S WIRELESS Tattoo Machine with ✨2 Powerbolts✨ - Bubblegum Pink
MINX Brows

FLUX S WIRELESS Tattoo Machine with ✨2 Powerbolts✨ - Bubblegum Pink

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This device comes with TWO Powerbolt Batteries. 🥰🥰

Microbeau pushed the boundaries of technology to bring to market the cordless Flux S™ permanent makeup machine. 
Not only elegant and easy to tattoo with, the Microbeau Flux S is intuitive and easy to use, helping you meet your cosmetic tattooing potential. The machine comes with one detachable PowerBolt battery pack with easily adjustable voltage on a color-coded display screen. The PowerBolt has a battery life of up to 12 hours, making it especially useful for longer PMU procedures. Cosmetic artists can easily remove and replace this battery with an auxiliary one, which must be purchased separately.

Bluetooth enabled and “future-proof,” the Microbeau Flux S can be connected to your mobile app for updates to the firmware, voice-command voltage adjustments, and access to tattoo session time. Additionally, this revolutionary machine comes with a kill-switch feature on the PowerBolt, allowing you to turn it off indefinitely while flying to your next event. To turn the battery back on again, simply insert a USB cable.


  • Color: Bubblegum Pink
  • Comes with TWO Powerbolt Batteries
  • Net Weight: 6oz (~170g)
  • Designed by PMU technicians
  • Perfectly balanced, most of the weight in the center
  • Employs a lightweight brushless motor
  • 3mm stroke length; optimized for PMU
  • Compatible with membrane needles
  • Easily adjustable voltage; decrease and increase voltage by half increments
  • Color coded voltage display
  • Battery Life: Up to 12 hours, complete charge in less than 2 hours with standard USB-C cord
  • Battery is detachable; can be switched with auxiliary battery (purchased separately)
  • Darklab enables voice-control voltage adjustments, access to tattoo time, and firmware updates
  • Standard Manufacturer's warranty included. (Directly through manufacturer, not Minx Brows)
  • PLEASE NOTE: In order to preserve the integrity of stock, all tattoo machines & devices are considered to be final sale and cannot be exchanged or returned. 

*pictured is flux but you will receive Flux S (3mm stroke)