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Lash & Brow Brushes - Pink Glitter Set
Minx Brows

Lash & Brow Brushes - Pink Glitter Set

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These glitter handle brushes serve a multitude of uses for brow and beauty services!


  • Use for pre-procedure shampooing to remove makeup, oils, etc. 
  • Clients can take this brush home and use post procedure to wash and gently exfoliate brows during the healing process. Ultra soft bristles feel like soft cashmere against the skin, allowing gentle yet effective removal of dried lymph, dead skin cells and environmental debris.
  • Applying an aftercare product? These brushes are the hero we all need. 
  • A VERY CUTE and unique addition to any client aftercare or take-home package. 
  • Perfect for retailing to clients in your shop.


  • Use to clean your client’s lashes.
  • Great take-home brush for clients to use when shampooing their lashes post appointment. 

Brow Henna

  • Excellent for pre-procedure shampooing.
  • Great for “wetting and wiping” dry henna at the end of each procedure.
  • Aids in the perfect application of aftercare serum, brow balm, and/or color extending oils. 
  • Perfect for adding into client ‘take home’ kits and even retailing to your customers with aftercare products. 

Beauty Services:

  • Use this brush during facial services to clean, exfoliate and apply masks or serums. The larger size allows for flawless, even applications of beauty products.