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✨WHITE INK✨ STRING Ultra Thin Pre-Inked Mapping String
✨WHITE INK✨ STRING Ultra Thin Pre-Inked Mapping String
✨WHITE INK✨ STRING Ultra Thin Pre-Inked Mapping String
MINX Brows

✨WHITE INK✨ STRING Ultra Thin Pre-Inked Mapping String

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Ultra thin and saturated with WHITE COLOR, this revolutionary product will change your mapping game FOREVER. 

Why white string? OMG so many amazing reasons!

  • White color creates a soft yet distinctive contrast against any client's skin color, allowing you and your client to easily visualize the harmony of your brow map WITHOUT overpowering the face.
  • Easy for the client to see/approve the pre-draw shape without becoming confused by dark contrasting lines.
  • Less mess (no dark, dusty residue on skin or gloves)
  • Easy color transfer from string to skin.
  • Looks beautiful in photos (instagram, examples, demos etc)
  • Simple cleanup, wipe off with an alcohol wipe or brow shampoo


  • Pre-inked thread is super saturated with white color and ready to use straight out of the box.
  • String method mapping speeds up pre-draw time while maintaining accuracy.
  • Each box has 10 generous metres of pre-inked thread.
  • Built in thread cutter.
  • Cosmetic grade ink.
  • Will honestly change your life. 


  • Permanent Makeup
  • Brow Henna
  • Brow Shaping & waxing 

Pro Tip:

  • Optional: Pair this string with our WHITE INK Marker, and finish your brow map with a perfectly shaped and contoured eyebrow outline. White Marker can be found here.